Smart Restaurant Connect

What is the cost for Restaurant Connect?

Restaurant Connect is just $35 per month which includes the use of the program and unlimited tech support, there is a one-time $100 set up charge,  which gets you your domain name and menu set up, for example if your restaurant name is Skippers Dock, your domain name would be

How do I get this information out to my customers?

Once you have your domain name, you can add an icon button to your website and Facebook page. You can have your customers connect to that website on their phone so that they can check your specials daily.

Tip from Dave: You could email the link to your customers, print up labels, or cards with the website or a QR Code on them.

How many menus can I have?

You have two screens available to you. One is usually for your daily specials, food, beer and wine. The second screen is typically used to advertise your upcoming music and events.