Drink Chip

What do I have to worry about when designing my chips?

The chip is 1 ½ inch in diameter, it is made of heavy weight ceramic chip. It can be printed in full color on both sides. Click Here for Our Template.

How do I design my Drink Chips?

Typically restaurants will put their logo on one side and their offer on the other.

(Free drink, free ice cream, free parking etc.)

Why Should I Use Drink Chips?

Drink chips are used for 4 reasons:

1. To reward customers for their business

2. To help solve little problems, maybe something wasn’t quite perfect for example, say you had a 2 top next to a noisy 4 top, as they walk out the door present them the chips say “ Have a drink on me next time”  You made them feel great, and chances are they won’t even bring the chips back.

3. Make Money! Example, someone at the bar wants to buy their friend at the bar a drink but the friend is set for the night, so they buy the drink chip to give to the friend for next time. Again, chances are the friend won’t even bring the chip back.

4. Use it to Build Your Brand. Sponsoring a local Golf Tournament? Include a drink chip in every goodie bag for the tournament. You get great good will and exposure, and chances are only a small percentage will use the chips.